Regular and Heavy Duty Safety Combo Pack

Regular and Heavy Duty Safety Combo Pack

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  • Simply the fastest & easiest way to secure pretty much anything.
  • 800 PSI Regular Duty (2mm thick), 1000 PSI Heavy Duty (3mm thick)
  • Each 20 feet
  • Cut to Length
  • Ideal for construction, household, camping, bundling lumber, rebar, pipes, boating/fishing, roof racks, awnings, surfboards, canoes, repairing woodcraft, storm prep & much more
  • Works when wet, in the dirt & in extreme temperatures
  • No complicated knots, no hazardous hooks & no rusty ratchets
  • Recyclable & reusable

Why simple strap?

The Challenge:

• Rope is difficult to get tight and you have to tie knots.
• Tape is a one time use and leaves sticky residue.
• Bungee cords are dangerous and you are limited by the length between hooks.
• Ratchets rust and are complicated to operate.
• Belt buckles are limited to the size, a single wrap, and have metal protruding outwards. 

The Solution:

• Simple Strap​™ pulls tight with no knots necessary.
• Simple Strap​™ is reusable and won't leave sticky residue.
• Simple Strap​™ cuts to the length you want with no hazardous hooks.
• Simple Strap​™ won't rust and isn't complicated.
• Simple Strap​™ can wrap around your object multiple times with no metal pieces sticking out.